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New Video: Blake Brannon Looks Back at AirWatch’s Top Innovations of 2016

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In this new video, VMware AirWatch vice president Blake Brannon talks about the team’s biggest product innovations this year and how they’ve changed the industry with unified endpoint management.

Q: In light of the product announcements at Connect Atlanta, what are the biggest strengths of VMware’s digital workspace solution, Workspace ONE?

Blake: You’ve got all these different use cases across your environment. Different users that just need basic access to apps. You have very sophisticated devices that are mission critical that really have to be managed and controlled and have real time visibility. And you’ve got this great ecosystem of desktops and things that are popping up. And we just pull it all together for you, make it simply. You get a single pane of glass so you can enable all those different processes, users and use cases in your environment.

Our digital workspace solution is just so comprehensive, but we really bring these fundamental principles together about making it simple for the user.

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Q: How would you describe AirWatch’s approach to mobile innovation?

Blake: We take a very agnostic approach. When we look across the space, we think about our customers. We think about how are we helping them make life easier—do things cheaper, faster, more reliable, automated. So our approach is around using the native controls in the platform, taking an agnostic approach to the ecosystem of vendors and saying, “How do we help glue that together so that it’s just simple.”

Q: As we near the end of 2016, what is the single biggest achievement AirWatch made this year?

Bdigital workspace for dummies guidelake: As an industry, we’ve taken technologies that focused a lot on the desktop and what’s traditionally been called systems management. The desktop PC has been managed with one mindset. It’s been a silo in a company. When mobile phones started showing up in people’s environments, they were the rogue red-headed stepchild for a long time. When the volume of them got so big, people needed a tool to help them control and set them up properly. That became this new emerging technology called enterprise mobility management.

Now you’ve got smart things popping up everywhere. What we’ve done is take that platform we’ve built with the mindset of mobile—cloud-based, simple protocols—and we’ve expanded it to cover all the different devices. Now, an organization can take these very siloed things they’re doing operationally—teams, processes and tools—and bring it all together. This is moving the industry forward to the next thing. And this is what we call unified endpoint management (UEM).

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Q: How has AirWatch changed the enterprise mobility industry this year?

Blake: In a lot of cases, it’s all about the user.  You’re trying to get a person to be able to do something. That’s where we’ve taken this layer of identity technology and layered it into the same UEM platform. This enables us to focus on delivering a beautiful experience to the user that is contextual.

Knowing that you, as an individual, just got a new device that you want to activate and get access to services. I know that you most often use these top three applications. I can automatically now start to do things to help you, as a user, get set-up faster.  “Hey, we know you commonly use these three apps. Do you want me to auto-install them on your new phone?” Those types of experiences are what we are providing to our customers, because we are merging together unified endpoint management, identity and applications.

That collective set is what we call the digital workspace and a product we call Workspace ONE.

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