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[On-Demand Webinar] VMware AirWatch 9.0 Is Officially GA!

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Dive into the technical features and product innovations in AirWatch 9.0 unified endpoint management in this on-demand webinar.

In case you missed it, we announced VMware AirWatch 9.0 at Connect Atlanta a little over a month ago. This week, we are excited to share that AirWatch version 9.0 is now generally available.

On-Demand Webinar: Dive into AirWatch 9.0 Capabilities

Our experts will take you through the major product features and updates, including unified endpoint management for Windows 10, augmented reality device support, mobile app management and much more.


In case you missed our huge announcements at Connect, here are the highlights of this monumental release.

[Click here to access all the AirWatch 9.0 documentation on myAirWatch.]

VMware AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management

With AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), we provide a holistic and user­­-centric approach to manage all endpoints in an organization—mobile, desktop and IoT—in a modern cloud approach with a single platform. Dive deeper into AirWatch UEM here.

As part of the UEM innovations, we also integrated enhancements for all the major operating systems (OS)—particularly microsoft windows 10 airwatch demo videosWindows 10.

[Learn more about AirWatch and Windows 10 here.]

IoT & AR Management

AirWatch 9.0 supports a variety of new devices and apps within the Internet of Things (IoT), including:

  • Partnerships with major smart glass and augmented reality app leaders, including Atheer, APX, Intel, ODG and VUZIX Corp., for Android and Windows 10 app management and deliver at scale.
  • Management of wearables right alongside mobile, tablet and laptop deployments.
  • Windows 10 IoT and Surface Hub devices.

[Smart Glasses at Work: AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management Now Supports Wearables]

Management Enhancements

  • Console user interface (UI) updates and new set-up wizards
  • Resources profiles to apply the same profile settings to multiple platforms
  • Nuanced wipe management
  • More granular data collection options
  • Issue certificates from AirWatch
  • Performance improvements
  • New APIs exposed

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