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Watch How Mobile Tech Helps Aviation Giant Boeing Go Faster

  • Vernon Apperson By

“My advice would be do it. And do it fast, it’s going to make a huge difference for your company.” That was Sue Harris, IT Director for End User Infrastructure Services at AirWatch customer Boeing, recommending that companies large and small be willing to embrace the radical change that comes with mobility in business. She sat down on stage at Connect Atlanta 2016 to talk to our own Sanjay Poonen about Boeing’s 100-year journey, which started with building planes out of wood and fabric.

Harris described how Boeing moved from a paper-based engineering process to the first fully computer-designed airplane, the Boeing 777. Computerization was the first step in shrinking chunks of the long manufacturing process from weeks to minutes. Thanks to mobile technologies, Boeing’s Second Century is focused on further improvements to quality and productivity, where Boeing mechanics don’t have to climb down three stories from the plane and walk the length of a football field to access a computer terminal to look up information—it’s already there on a mobile device. “That’s digital transformation!” said Sanjay.

Mobility has been a tremendous success for Boeing, said Harris. “We’re barely scratching the surface with mobile today. This platform enabled by AirWatch is allowing us to go fast, really deploy a lot of devices.” Watch the video to learn more about Boeing’s mobility journey.


Vernon Apperson

Vernon Apperson

Vernon is a technology writer for VMware, specializing in customer storytelling.

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