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[On-Demand Webinar] AirWatch 9.0: Transforming the Digital Workspace

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Watch our on-demand webinar here to see all the new capabilities in AirWatch 9.0.

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Got an hour? Then sign up now for a webinar from VMware AirWatch: AirWatch 9.0: Transforming the Digital Workspace, now on demand.

AirWatch 9.0 digital workspace webinar

Our AirWatch product expert will give you a deep dive on what’s new, including:

AirWatch announced the newest release at Connect Atlanta 2016, and AirWatch 9.0 officially went live this month. With AirWatch 9.0, your IT organization can leverage a modern cloud approach to manage every endpoint.

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IT gets enhanced UEM capabilities, such as configuration management and software distribution, to manage Windows 10. The 9.0 release also makes it simple to securely deploy and scale AR devices in the enterprise.

“Another new feature touted in AirWatch 9.0 is the ability to manage wearables—especially augmented reality and virtual reality glasses. When you see demos of how these can be used in manufacturing, warehouses, education, healthcare, and similar verticals, you know that these are going to be important soon. (The technology has really come along in the last few years.) Just like mobile devices, once you get more than a few of them you really need some sort of management platform, and that’s where MDM comes in.”
—Jack Madden, analyst and blogger at

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Additionally, the newest version of the AirWatch console features an enhanced user interface, new setup wizards, more granular ways to collect data, new APIs and more to make IT’s job even easier.

Register now for a complete overview of AirWatch 9.0!

Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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