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VMware AirWatch Tunnel per app vpn

AirWatch Tunnel: VMware Makes Secure Access Easier for Windows 10

  • Justin Grimsley By

End users are increasingly detached from the confines of cubicles. Whether at home, on the road or working at the local coffee shop, they need to access corporate resources to do their jobs. Traditionally, IT required employees to use a VPN client and manually connect to the network each time a user moved off the corporate premises. With the entire device connecting through the VPN, that approach offers a frustrating experience to users and increases the risk of data leakage by exposing company data to potentially malicious apps.

microsoft windows 10 airwatch demo videosVMware AirWatch changed the experience for devices running Windows 10—like we did for iOS and Android before it. Today, we are pleased to announce the general availability of VMware AirWatch Tunnel v1.0 for Windows 10. Now, IT can further reduce the risk of company data loss, and users get a much better experience.

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AirWatch Tunnel for Windows 10 enables users with per-app VPN access to corporate resources residing in a secure internal network. The connection is triggered automatically when a user launches an internal or public application, so they no longer have to connect to the VPN manually.

AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) continues to redefine the Windows 10 experience for users and IT administrators throughout the entire lifecycle of the device.

  • Device set-up and configuration went from hours with traditional PC lifecycle management tools to minutes.
  • Users went from a disjointed experience with multiple logins to remember to a unified application catalog with single sign-on (SSO) for secure access any Win32, SaaS, Universal and remote applications.
  • From the same AirWatch console used to manage smartphones, tablets and rugged devices, IT now can apply patches and updates whether or not a user is joined to the network.
  • AirWatch Tunnel for Windows 10 makes it simpler for users to access corporate resources off of the network securely.

For more information about AirWatch Tunnel for Windows 10, read the announcement blog.

For more information about AirWatch UEM for secure Windows 10 migrations and management, please visit air-watch.com/solutions/windows-10-management.

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