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airwatch 9 emm mdm webinar

AirWatch 9.0 Webinar Questions Answered

Our VMware AirWatch 9.0 webinar dove into the new capabilities and innovations in our most recent release. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the live event. If you weren’t able to join live, catch the replay here.

Learn about the latest MDM EMM release from VMware AirWatch.

Due to time constraints, we did not get to all of your questions during the live event, so we compiled answers to the top questions we missed during the webinar about:

  • AirWatch 9.0
  • Windows Unified Endpoint Management
  • VMware Workspace ONE

Do not see the answer to your question below? Add it to the comments, and we will provide the answer.

AirWatch 9.0

How can I convert the email profiles I already have in place to the new Resources without disrupting end-user access? Or is this needed?

We introduced Resources as a new way to more easily deploy and manage profiles that would be the same across platforms, but it is not required for you to update your profiles to Resources.The profiles you have today will continue to work as expected.If you choose to update to the new Resources type of profile, it would remove the current profile and push a new profile, requiring mailboxes to be synced again.

Can I configure a device into container-only mode remotely without end-user actions? In particular, Samsung Knox, Android and Windows.

or a device to be configured to container-only mode, there must be some action taken on the device.That can be done by the admin or the end user.

Does AirWatch support remote control capabilities on corporate-owned Android and Windows devices?

Yes, AirWatch supports remote control capabilities on corporate-owned Windows 7 through Windows 10, as well as macOS and Android.

Is it possible to add elevated or multi-factor authentication for the AirWatch admin console?

Yes, AirWatch provides the ability to require admins to enter their username and password, as well as require a two-factor token, which can be sent via email or SMS to the admin. Additionally, you can integrate VMware Workspace ONE or any third-party SAML provider to handle all authentication requests for AirWatch admins. This method would support any multi-factor authentication the identity provider supports.

If I am on a previous AirWatch version (8.x) on-premises, can I directly upgrade to 9.0?

On-premise customers on a previous version of AirWatch (8.1-8.4) can upgrade their console directly to AirWatch 9.0 by following the instructions outlined in our AirWatch Upgrade Guide on myAirWatch. If you have any additional questions, please contact your account manager.

For Google Accounts, is there a maximum number of devices it can handle? For example, do you need another account after 50 or 100 devices?

Only one admin Google account is needed to setup Android for Work. With this setup, there is no limit on the number of devices you can enroll into Android for Work. This Google account is used for admin purposes only and will not be provisioned on devices (you will not see it under Account Settings on the device). When you enroll the device, the user’s Google account is provisioned on the device. There are limits on how many devices can have the same Google account provisioned, therefore AirWatch recommends not using a single staging account for multiple devices when using Google accounts.

Is the AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK) or development needed to support Launcher?

For AirWatch Launcher, no development is needed. A Launcher profile needs to be created on the AirWatch console and pushed to the Android device.

In AirWatch Launcher, can we create a base template that can be asserted across different organizational groups?

To do this, an administrator can create a Launcher Template and copy that profile for all groups. Then, it can be edited at each organizational group administrator to add extra changes.

Are there any enhancements for Apple iOS in AirWatch 9.0?

Yes! In September we announced same-day support for iOS 10, which included new restrictions and Quality of Service marking. With AirWatch 9,0, we deliver new capabilities for the Device Enrollment Program, the ability to force operating system (OS) updates and enhance the process for APNs certificate renewal. Be on the lookout for an upcoming deep-dive webinar focused on new iOS and macOS capabilities in AirWatch 9.0.

Is multi-app mode for iOS devices available?

Yes. For supervised iOS devices, admins can use our Show/Hide profile to select each application that displays to users, define the home screen layout and even preconfigure app folder structure on users’ devices.

Windows Unified Endpoint Management

What Windows OS does AirWatch support?

AirWatch Supports Windows 10, 8 and 7. The topics covered in the webinar were exclusive to Windows 10. For more information on our Windows 8 and 7 support, please refer to platform guides on myAirWatch.

How can I bulk enroll Windows 10 PCs on the network?

AirWatch supports multiple enrollment methods for Windows 10 devices. For network-joined machines, AirWatch Agent can be pushed using existing software distribution tools to onboard the devices in bulk.

Would application push also remove the existing application prior to installing new version? For example, the device has Internet Explorer (IE) 10 but now needs IE 11.

This varies on an app-by-app basis. For example, if running a new installer manually auto-updates, no additional actions are needed when adding the new version of the installer in AirWatch. For complex apps, AirWatch supports the ability to add custom scripts and install and uninstall conditions, which allow you to handle most of these use cases.

Is app patching disruptive to end users?

Leveraging App Stacks delivery allows admins to make app patching non-disruptive to the user. A user simply continues to work and is presented with the new version of the app on next launch.

If I am pushing an app that has prerequisite requirements, like disk space, memory, etc., will AirWatch check for this?

Yes, AirWatch checks for dependencies for Win32 apps. AirWatch lets you define install conditions, add dependencies and any prerequisite contingencies before the Win32 app is pushed.

How does AirWatch handle non-Microsoft updates and removing already installed updates?

The new Win32 application lifecycle management capabilities allows adding third-party application patches (.msp files) to apps deployed using AirWatch. AirWatch keeps track of all applied patches, and admins can manually uninstall selected patches from devices.

How does AirWatch PC management compare to System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)? Does it now have all the same tools as SCCM?

We are combining the new mobile device management (MDM) efficiencies that Windows 10 offers and extending it with configuration management, software distribution, OS patching and management security features. This allows you to have unified endpoint management platform for all your devices, including PCs. With this cloud-first approach, we now enable these capabilities without domain and network dependencies, helping eliminate the reliance on on-premises server infrastructure.

Can AirWatch lock a PC into a kiosk mode?

Yes, for a kiosk use case in Windows, we can configure single-app mode, device guard policies and also subscription to LTSB branch.

Workspace ONE

What resources are available to transition from AirWatch to Workspace ONE?

AirWatch 9.0 introduces a new Getting Started wizard directly in the AirWatch console to guide administrators step-by-step on the transition to Workspace ONE. This wizard walks you through configuring any backend setup and adding apps to the Workspace ONE catalog, including VMware Boxer. It also includes email templates to help administrators communicate any changes to end users.

Does single sign-on (SS) work with third-party apps?

Yes, there are many third-party apps that support SSO today, and we are continuously supporting more third-party applications.

What identity systems does self-service password reset work with? For example, RSA, Active Directory, etc.

Currently, local and Active Directory users are supported. We are working to add additional systems in the future, including RSA.

When is Boxer available on Android?

TODAY! Support on Android was announced in part of our September release (v3.9).

Additional Information

Want to learn more about AirWatch 9.0? For customers, login to myAirWatch or contact your account manager.

For more information about the AirWatch solutions mentioned in this blog:

Bhavesh Kumar

Bhavesh Kumar is the Senior Product Manager for Android Enterprise and ChromeOS at VMware AirWatch.


  1. Thomas Konecny

    One Question, is it possible to force a Airwatch Agent Installation from the cloud without having a Apple or MS ID?`
    So i want to Rollout the Agent to approx. 1000 Phones.
    best regards Thomas

  2. Andrew Schumacher

    Does AW 9.0X support the two different KNOX container modes for Android 6.01 tablets:
    - traditional “launcher” mode, where you click the KNOX
    container icon on the device and it appears to be a visually different KNOX environment, and
    - “folder” mode, where all of the files/apps sit on the regular device environment, but have a
    lock icon overlaid on them, and launch direct from this environment

    If so, where is this controlled in the console?

  3. Doreen Raia

    My question is – after installing latest Airwatch app on my phone, the screen locks after 5 minutes even if I am on a call. The option for never, or longer time is no longer available. I am on iPhone 6 IOS 10 – most recent os version. I want the option to leave it at never, or a longer time – especially when I am on the phone and sometimes have to put it on and off mute during a long call.

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