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AirWatch SDK Workshop

3 Things You Missed at the AirWatch SDK Workshop

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Missed the VMware AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK) workshop this year at Connect? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top three things you missed:

1. AirWatch SDK: Getting Started

The AirWatch SDK is a code library mobile app developers can reference to build advanced security, configurations and management capabilities into applications. The AirWatch SDK is typically used when an app requires deeper enterprise security and configurations that may not be available natively as part of the AppConfig Community.

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One of the first major considerations in choosing which method is best for your organization is to decide how your app will be deployed and what your development bandwidth looks like. The SDK involves a higher degree of developer bandwidth to integrate compared to AppConfig but supports both managed and unmanaged devices, as well as internal and store deployment. AppConfig requires little to no developer effort but requires a higher tier of management.

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The next step will be to consider which enterprise security, configurations and management capabilities you will need for the app. Features such as granular analytics, app passcode, advanced security, integrated authentication, compliance detection and more can be enabled through the AirWatch SDK.

Connect Atlanta SDK Workshop

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2.  Lightning-Fast SDK Integration

In just a few hours, workshop attendees were able to integrate several common enterprise capabilities such as passcode, over-the-air-configuration and integrated authentication into their application. Though the AirWatch SDK requires some developer bandwidth, integration can take as little as just a few hours.

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3. 1-1 Access to SDK Engineering Team

The AirWatch SDK engineering team provided one-on-one support for workshop attendees. This provided a two-way street for the engineering team to better understand customer use cases and help customers discover technical wizardry to make overall implementation of their apps more efficient. Though this kind of support isn’t available on demand, we have a wealth of documentation, sample code, best practices, feedback forms and more at

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Having FOMO, yet? We’ve got you covered. Check out the sample code from the workshop at GitHub and try integrating the SDK on your own!

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Kelly Masters

Kelly Masters

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