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VMware On the Air with Spiceworks

Spiceworks On The Air: Wrangling Windows 10 Devices with VMware AirWatch

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VMware goes On the Air with Spiceworks! Watch the on-demand episode on Windows 10 in the enterprise here.

VMware AirWatch Microsoft Blog SeriesWindows 10 has truly revolutionized the way IT pros can manage devices. However, most of us only think about the flashy, new consumer features such as Cortana and the resurrection of the start menu, reasons end users want to adopt Windows 10 in the enterprise. Meanwhile, we tend to overlook all of the innovative management features, such as the ability to enterprise wipe devices, seamlessly push out configurations, ensure the integrity of devices with Device Health Attestation and, lastly, prevent data leakage with Windows Information Protection and BitLocker encryption.

I work directly with our customers and attend many conferences, and I actively listen to what IT pros say about Windows 10 in the enterprise. Many reveal increased pressure and concerns with all these devices entering their organizations. Not only do they need to support these devices but also provide a consistent experience and keep everyone’s data safe and secure.

Recently, I was invited by Spiceworks, an IT industry network, to address these types of frequently asked questions and concerns from the IT community.


Click here to watch on demand: Wrangling Windows 10 Devices with AirWatch.

On this episode of On The Air, a weekly web series from Spiceworks, we discuss how Windows 10 can work with VMware AirWatch to simplify all the tasks of managing a growing fleet of end-user devices. We start by discussing how traditional approaches to Windows management are complex, costly and restrictive and how, with AirWatch, a fundamentally different approach is now possible.

“In the consumer space, everyone knows that Windows 10 is bustling right now with hundreds of millions of users currently on Windows 10. Meanwhile, in the business infrastructure, there’s only tens of millions of devices that are on Windows 10 Enterprise. Here at AirWatch, we see that there’s a new style of management. We worked with Microsoft to create an operating system that can be managed via the cloud and can be managed in this EMM (enterprise mobility management) style. Instead of tying everything down on premises, we can actually leverage whatever management model you want, whether it’s traditional or the new way of managing it in the cloud, using a unified endpoint management system.”

Watch as we discuss how AirWatch can help your organization:

  • Deploy Windows 10—both physical and virtual desktops.
  • Provide multi-layered security and data protection for Windows 10.
  • Bridge legacy and Win32 app cycle and distribution gaps.
  • Deliver your OS patches and security updates over the air (OTA).

Click here to watch On The Air now.

Read more about AirWatch and Windows 10 management:

Josué Negrón

Josué Negrón

Josué Negrón serves as a senior solutions architect at VMware End-User Computing (EUC) for Windows 10 and the Windows platforms.

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