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Gregory Lehrer

[Video] Does Your EMM Provider Have a Strong Mobile Ecosystem?

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One way the VMware AirWatch enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform sets itself apart: the mobile ecosystem. At our annual enterprise mobility conference, Connect Atlanta, more than 60 mobile technology partners showed up at this year’s event.

VMware TV got the scoop on the strategy behind the partnerships straight from Gregory Lehrer, VMware director of technology alliances. Watch the video and read the excerpt below from the interview to find out why it matters to your company’s business mobility strategy.

Q: What’s new with the VMware AirWatch partner ecosystem?

Gregory: There are a lot of new things, but even before I start, I just want to take a moment to thank our partners. We have more than 60 partners on the show floor at the expo. We have more than 200 people from our partner ecosystem in attendance this weekend. It’s pretty amazing.

You probably saw Samsung, our platinum sponsor. We’re really thankful for them, for their collaboration and partnership over the years. They’ve been working with us for quite some time, but beyond Samsung, there are other famous brands, such as Google, LG, HP. We even have Zebra from the rugged ecosystem that is here sponsoring the event. We’re very excited about this.

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Beyond the original equipment manufactures (OEMs) and very large brands, we have, as well, a large set of independent software vendors (ISVs), and a lot of them are here today. It would take me too long to name all of them, but for example, we have Skycure, Zimperium, Lookout and PowWow Mobile. There are a lot of partners here that are working with us closely, and all these partners, I really want to take a moment to thank them because it’s really important for us to have them here with our customers.

Q: It speaks volumes to the ecosystem that VMware has curated. It’s all about relationships and partnerships, and it speaks for itself, right?

Gregory: Yes, and our ecosystem strategy is very simple. You heard Sanjay Poonen yesterday saying it’s about any app on any device. If we want to reach that vision, we need to be able to articulate a strategy that is going to be based on integrations and multiple technology partnerships.

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We want to make sure that we integrate well whether it’s Google, Samsung or with specific ISVs such as Skycure. That’s why we have developed these partnerships. We just don’t want them to show up at Connect. Each of these partners, we have a strong and technological integration with them, and this is very important because eventually, if you want to manage millions and hundreds of millions of devices in the future, we want to be able to give our customers full success in their deployment.

You heard the Boeing story yesterday. If we want them to be successful, we need to integrate with for our set of partners to make it successful. If you put yourself into the shoes of a customer today, it can be almost frightening because you’ve got all this hardware, all this software, and you want to make sure that your deployment, your production, is going to work well. So you need to make sure that your software vendors are going to be working tightly and close together. You don’t want to assume that there is an integration between them. You want to make sure that it works from Day One.

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Q: When it comes to security, innovation and productivity, you want to be working with the best of the best, and that’s what we’ve seen here today.

Gregory: It’s the strength of AirWatch. I’m not going to sell a database to the customers here. I’m not going to sell hardware. My strength is that I can manage and secure their deployment, whether it’s mobile or desktop. To do so, I need to integrate with everyone. I don’t have a choice. So that’s why our ecosystem is so important for us. That’s why you will always see a lot of partners at Connect because this is critical to our strategy.

Watch the entire interview to hear from Gregory more about the newest partner announcements from AirWatch.

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Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

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