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[Video] iPads Help This Fast-Growing County Optimize Operations

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Smartphones and tablets are just part of the job for many of Wake County Government’s on-the-go employees. To efficiently serve the more than 1 million people living there, including North Carolina capital Raleigh, Wake County Government divvies out mobile devices and pushes apps to boost productivity.

Learn how the County deploys and secures mobile solutions for government employees as fast as people flock to one of the country’s best places to live. Watch and read the interview below with Ivan Kanner, enterprise mobility administrator for Wake County Government.

Q: How is Wake County leveraging mobility?

Ivan: We’re using VMware AirWatch to deploy iPhones and iPads to county staff across all departments. We’re also utilizing Device Enrollment Program and Apple Volume Purchase Plan (VPP).

Q: How are different workers within your community leveraging mobile devices?

Ivan: We recently deployed iPads to our HR department. They can take it to job fairs and use it for information gathering for potential candidates, submit that information and send it back to Wake County so they’ve got a list of potential candidates right away. We’ve also recently deployed iPads to our parks department. The park managers and assistant park directors can walk around with kids and do park programs (e.g. identifying plants and animals) with kids anywhere in the park.

Q: What are some of the different applications you’re deploying to your users, and how is that helping them do their jobs better faster and providing better services to your constituents?

Digital_Government_Workspace_for_Dummies_front-2Ivan: Our first, most popular app is the AirWatch Agent itself. We deploy that on every device, and it really helps us manage all the devices in Wake County. We can push out anything else that we want to those devices through the AirWatch Agent. We deploy some Verizon apps like Backup Assistant. We deploy TN3270, Bluebeam, NetMotion, Citrix, etc. We deploy a variety of apps depending on the department and the use case scenario.

Q: What are some of the key components of AirWatch that you’re using?

Ivan: The key part that we really like is the security. Nobody wants to lose their data, ever. We utilize password policy, compliance policy, encryption and location services to really secure and lock down the entire device.

Q: As you think ahead toward 2017 and beyond, what are some mobility initiatives lined up?

Ivan: We’re going to be converting from being a Lotus Notes shop to Microsoft Exchange. That’s very big for us. We’ve been a Lotus Notes shop for a long time, so that’s going to be a big conversion, and it’s going to impact mobility. To go along with that, we’re going to change how we authenticate our AirWatch devices—from basic authentication over to Active Directory authentication—so it could be a smooth, single sign-on into the device. Potentially, we’re going to look at VMware Workspace ONE and how we can tie that into it, as well.

“The key part that we really like is the security. Nobody wants to lose their data, ever. We utilize password policy, compliance policy, encryption and location services to really secure and lock down the entire device.”
—Ivan Kanner, Enterprise Mobility Administrator, Wake County Government

Q: As you look back, what’s something you’re most proud of, or what is a big lesson learned that other government institutions could benefit from?

Ivan: The thing that I’m probably most proud of is when we converted from being a different mobility management shop over to AirWatch. Our users had extremely minimal downtime. We were able to convert them over from what they were using before over to iPhones or Androids—and get them enrolled in AirWatch—seamlessly. Average downtown was maybe 10-15 minutes per device, and then they’re up and running again with the device completely active, secured, with all the profiles necessary. That was great. We did that in a very short period of time. One of the things to look out for, or advice to give, is if you have the opportunity to enroll in the DEP and get your mobility solution for AirWatch involved with it, absolutely do it. It makes your deployments so much easier.

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