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5 Top Mobile News Headlines from CES 2017

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1. Augmented reality (AR) is huge.

Enterprise smart glasses vendors ODG and Vuzix showcased sleek, powerful new products aimed at consumers and light enterprise users. ASUS revealed new smartphones with AR and virtual reality (VR) support with Google Tango and Google Daydream. And standalone “merged reality” headset concept by Intel, Project Alloy, scans surroundings to bring a user’s real world into a virtual world.

2. “Voice is the next computer interface.”

As ZDNet sums up, voice recognition is everywhere at CES, ushering in a new era of computing led in large part by the Amazon Alexa voice-controlled assistant. Alexa’s coming to Ford cars and, for the first time, will come preinstalled on a smartphone by Huawei.

3. Android devices now include cars and bikes.

A Chrysler 300 sedan on display at CES demonstrates the auto capabilities of the Android open source platform, reports Fortune. Security, music, directions, health tracking—Android-powered touchscreens do it all for LeEco smart bikes, as well, according to CNET.

4. Wearables aren’t just health trackers.

Wearable technology is a business game-changer, too. In a keynote address, Carnival explained how the company’s sensor-connected cruise ships provide customers with wearables to deliver more personalized experiences and efficiency.

5. VR comes in your shoe size.

VR shoes could help users really feel like they’re walking around virtual worlds. See them at Gizmodo.

Plus, influencers say these trends will reshape IT in 2017.

For starters, IT will finally do more than just manage mobile devices; they’ll deliver productivity apps and better secure data on endpoints, too. Read all five mobile tech trends here.

Quote of the Week

“Our BYOD strategy is a revenue-neutral strategy. We’re not trying to make money or save money. We’d just like to break even, but where we see the advantage down the road is studies show that a digitally enabled employee is actually more productive. By giving people access … they actually become more productive.”
Andrew Bell of Scotiabank

Now, get a running start on your 2017 enterprise mobility initiatives:

Featured Image Source: ODG

Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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