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skycure airwatch mobile threat defense whitepaper

New Whitepaper! How to Select, Implement & Succeed with Mobile Threat Defense

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We are excited to announce a brand new whitepaper written by mobile security experts from VMware AirWatch and Skycure.

3 Secrets to Becoming a Mobile Security Superhero

How to Select Implement & Succeed with Mobile Threat Defense
Download the whitepaper free today.

Mobile Security Threat Defense Whitepaper AirWatch Skycure

Here’s a teaser of the many powerful insights within this great whitepaper:

“Through the eyes of many business leaders, opening a presentation or other document on a mobile device is hardly different from doing the same thing on a laptop. It follows that many business professionals may assume that the same powerful IT security capabilities that work so well to protect computers—cybersecurity tools ranging from firewall to IPS, anti-malware, antivirus and more—can also protect mobile devices.


“In truth, mobile security involves a very different set of challenges than protecting traditional endpoints, i.e., desktops and laptops. Consider that while a laptop computer may connect to just a few different networks throughout a year, mobile devices may connect to tens, if not hundreds, of different cellular and WiFi networks in a day—some of which may be malicious or compromised.


“Most IT security leaders are well aware of the nuances in protecting mobile devices. According to a recent survey of 800 cybersecurity professionals conducted by the Information Security LinkedIn Group, only 26% of respondents believed that mobile [cyber] attacks are not real—meaning that up to 74% of cybersecurity professionals are taking the problem seriously and need to make a plan to convince business leaders that mobile cyber threats are priorities that should be addressed promptly.”

Don’t forget to download the free whitepaper here.

Want to learn more? Attend Skycure’s webinar later today: Mobile Security: 2016 Wrap-Up and 2017 Predictions.

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