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AirWatch Product Update: Simplifying App Management for IT Admins

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In November, we announced general availability of the VMware AirWatch 9.0 release. This exciting release delivered major AirWatch product updates, including streamlined setup and configuration across multiple console modules. We constantly look at how we can build automated workflows and system integrations into our platform to:

  • Reduce manual processes for IT; and

  • Give you back valuable time to focus on larger technology initiatives.

This month, we are excited to introduce new AirWatch mobile application management (MAM) capabilities to make it even simpler to get apps in the hands of end users.

Learn about the latest MDM EMM release from VMware AirWatch.

Guided Setup for VMware Workspace ONE

As we drive toward the digital workspace with Workspace ONE, we continually work to make the transition seamless for existing AirWatch IT admins and end users. In our 9.0 release, we introduced a new “Getting Started” wizard directly in the AirWatch console to guide administrators step-by-step on the transition to Workspace ONE. The wizard walks you through configuring backend integrations, such as APNS and identity management, and then takes you through adding apps to the Workspace ONE catalog.

With our release this month, we added the ability to deploy all Workspace ONE apps— including VMware Boxer, VMware Browser and VMware Content Locker—directly into the wizard. This enables a true, one-stop configuration panel. We also include new email templates to help admins communicate any changes to end users on how to access their apps and use the powerful new benefits of Workspace ONE, such as single sign-on (SSO) to apps.

Take a look at how easy it is to get started with Workspace ONE:


Simplified App Management with Google Play Integration

We continue to work closely with the Google team to enhance Android in the enterprise, focusing on simplifying the end-user experience and streamlining setup and configuration for admins. In our release this month, new features support these goals in two powerful ways.

1. AirWatch Console Integration with Google Play Store

For admins, we directly integrated with the Google Play store, eliminating the need to navigate to two different sources to add an application. Through an iframe integration, admins save valuable time by simply searching and approving apps within the Google Play store—all without leaving the “add application” workflow in the AirWatch console.

See the admin console Google Play integration in action:


2. Streamlining Work App Downloads for Android Users

Your end users can now use the Google Play store as an enterprise app store. By enabling all work apps in Google Play, we  give workers a familiar, easy-to-use experience to get the apps they need to be productive.

Check out the experience on end-user devices:

Google Play AirWatch integration end user experience

Dive deeper into all the new capabilities in this month’s AirWatch product update:

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Bhavesh Kumar

Bhavesh Kumar is the Senior Product Manager for Android Enterprise and ChromeOS at VMware AirWatch.

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