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Apple in La-La-Land & Window 10’s “Monster Update”

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Read all the top mobile news this week from Apple and Microsoft, plus VMware's breaking new (and eye-opening!) results from its year-long global digital workforce survey.

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The (work)force is strong with this one.

Breaking this week, VMware released the results of a year-long survey outlining the impact of new digital workspace technology on businesses, including:

1. Adoption rates;
2. Top barriers;
3. Industry trends;
4. Regional comparisons; and
5. ROI results.

“Worldwide and across industries, organizations in the survey… embracing digital workspace technologies to enable digital transformation are realizing 150% ROI and reaching new revenue streams faster.”

Get this must-read report FREE here.

Is Apple heading for La-La-Land?

Be still my binging heart! Could Apple be jumping onto the original video content scene? A report from The Wall Street Journal broke the news that yes, the tech giant is making its move into original TV programming. If you’re asking yourself, “why now?!” (or just don’t have a WSJ subscription), Macworld’s Dan Moren shared his two-cents here.

Early version of Windows 10 Creators update is a “monster.”

“The list of changes, additions and improvements is enormous,” says Andy Patrizio in his Computerworld article today. Check out his breakdown of the biggest feature wins and enhancements here.

In other Windows 10 news:

“We’re bringing together these different types of platforms that work harmoniously together to create a symphony of technology, for us to be able to share with our workforce. It’s really amazing,” said Preston Teal, senior IT business analyst for the county. “Mecklenburg County empowers its users regardless of where they are to make sure that they have the right tools to do their job. We don’t look at mobility as simple mobile devices.”
—Preston Teal, senior IT business analyst, Mecklenburg County, N.C.

Read more about the county’s “symphony of change” as they strategically make the move to Windows 10.

New macOS bells and whistles for AirWatch admins.

Blogger and product expert Claire Feeney announced new admin capabilities for macOS management within VMware AirWatch 9.0. The big how-to is a step-by-step guide for enabling pre-staged admin accounts for macOS 10.11 (aka El Capitan). Dive into the details here.

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What now, IoT?

Mobility pro Brian Katz delivers a simplified way to help enterprises can get started on Internet of Things for end-user computing initiatives. Check out his blog here to get started.

Wandera scares us witless with mobile security review.

The mobile security expert took a look back at the biggest scares in 2016—and it’s got our teeth chattering. From malware attacks to their “OMG moment of conflicting human ingenuity,” read the full list here. Just make sure you lock the doors and turn on the lights before you do.

And now let’s look forward…

Now that our wits are sufficiently scared, let’s dive into the nifty tech and trends coming to mobile via artificial intelligence (AI) in the New Year. Forbes tapped the shoulders of four heavy-hitters—Salesforce’s John Ball, Marketo’s Steve Lucas, SAP Hybris’ Jamie Anderson and our very own Noah Wasmer—and asked “What’s the Next Step in the Evolution of AI?” Get their answers here.

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