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You Asked, VMware AirWatch 9.0 Delivered New Capabilities for iOS

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Check out our on-demand webinar to take a closer look at the new technical features for iOS (and macOS) in AirWatch 9.0—including one of the most requested iOS management capabilities.

AirWatch 9.0, now generally available, includes new features and functionality for iOS. There is a new validation process for new or updated Apple Push Notification service (APNs) certificates, eliminating the need for admins to reassign devices and apps the certificate. We’ve also introduced await configuration for Device Enrollment Program (DEP) devices, adding the option to hold users in the Setup Assistant until all commands have been sent. And forcing OS updates—one of the most requested features—is now possible through our compliance engine.

Read on to learn more about enforcing OS updates, and register for our on-demand webinar for a closer look at what’s new for both iOS and macOS in AirWatch 9.0.

AirWatch iOS Webinar Registration

OS Updates for iOS Devices via Compliance Engine

iOS 9.3 introduced the ability to force an operating system (OS) update for supervised, DEP-enabled devices. To help admins execute these updates automatically and in bulk, we’ve built new functionality in our compliance engine.

Admins can define the list of devices (via assignment groups) required to update, and the compliance engine will automatically and continually check to ensure devices receive and process the command. This eliminates manual commands, and if a device receives the command but isn’t ready to run the update, it will be reminded automatically without additional action from the admin.

You can find this new automation functionality in our compliance engine as follows:

  • Click Devices > Compliance Policies > List View > Add.
  • Click iOS.
  • For the rule, select OS Version > Less Than or Equal To > and select the highest iOS version that requires an upgrade in your environment.
    • As an example, if you want all your devices running iOS 10 or later, select Apple iOS – iOS 9.3.5.
  • Click Next, then click Command > OS Updates.
  • Click Next and select the desired Assignment Groups and Exclusions.
  • Click Next, review the summary and click Finish and Activate.


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Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney is a senior product marketing manager at VMware focused on mobility.

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