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iOS 10.3 compatibility

Critical Updates—Preparing Your Apps for iOS 10.3 Compatibility

  • Claire Feeney By

As we approach the release of iOS 10.3, IT admins need to do a few important things to ensure app compatibility. These updates are critical to make sure users’ devices are compliant—and not flagged as non-compliant—when they upgrade to iOS 10.3. VMware AirWatch released updated and compatible versions of our software development kit (SDK), app wrapping engine and productivity applications in preparation for iOS 10.3.

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Our customers can read more about our support and compatibility for iOS 10.3 at myAirWatch.

If you used the AirWatch SDK to develop an internal application, you need to update the app to utilize version And if you wrapped any applications, you will need to re-wrap those applications using the updated AirWatch app wrapping service.

Here’s what IT admins need to do to prepare your apps for iOS 10.3 compatibility:

  • Update AirWatch SDK: The version of the SDK is now available at myAirWatch. Our customers can find step-by-step directions on updating their applications in the knowledgebase.
  • Re-wrap applications: The updated version of the AirWatch app wrapping service is now available via the console.

iOS 10 will not fully support non-compatible applications. This might cause impacted devices to be incorrectly flagged as compromised. If you have compliance policies in place to prevent compromised devices, actions may be inappropriately taken against users’ devices.

We have also made updated versions of our applications available in the Apple App Store. Your users will need to run the latest version to ensure they are compatible with iOS 10.3. Look out for our next post for more details!

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Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney is a senior product marketing manager at VMware focused on mobility.

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