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Top Mobile News: Enterprises Sport Rose-Colored Smart Glasses

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Smart glasses are on enterprise IT’s radar.

No, augmented reality is not just for catching Pokémon on your smartphone. Ralph Osterhout, founder of wearables company Osterhout Design Group (ODG), explains why smart glasses belong in the enterprise to The Wall Street Journal.

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Adopt a modern management approach when you deploy Windows 10. Watch Episode 2 of The Redmond Series today to rethink your deployment options and post-deployment configuration. (Plus, jump in the driver’s seat to test drive modern Windows 10 enrollment options.)

“By taking a modern approach to Windows 10, organizations deliver a consumer-like experience. Users take a device out of the box, power it on for the first time and automatically transform the machine to a company device. They do all this without the need to either re-image or IT touching the device, regardless of whether the user is on the corporate network, working from home or working out of a Starbucks on the road.”

THIS is how you get help desk tickets.

Make sure your end users’ devices are compliant—and not flagged as non-compliant—when they upgrade to iOS 10.3. Get the critical updates here for app compatibility.

“Most likely to succeed.”

When it comes to digital workspace technology, one industry wins this superlative. Financial businesses successfully execute digital workspace initiatives at a 7–8 percent higher rate than other industries. They’re also more likely to execute over 100 digital workspace initiatives in the next 12 months. Check out this new infographic for more insights.

All emails are not created equal.

It turns out, a third of the distracting emails in your palm or on your wrist never need to be seen at all, according to new research published in The Atlantic. And experts are trying to figure out how to better deliver the tenth of emails you actually need to read within five minutes.

+ICYMI: Introducing VMware Boxer Mobile Email for the Enterprise

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