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VMware Workspace ONE & AirWatch Enhancements Expand the Digital Workspace

New release expands AirWatch unified endpoint management cross-platform capabilities for Android, Apple and Windows 10, alongside innovative Workspace ONE enterprise security, access controls and app suite enhancements.

As we look to market trends and our customers’ top-of-mind IT initiatives, one key focus continues to emerge: enabling employees with consumer simple and secure experiences that drive next-level productivity and innovation.

Webinar Workspace ONE AirWatch March 2017With the launch of VMware Workspace ONE last year, VMware ushered in a brand new era for end-user computing (EUC): the digital workspace. For those new to Workspace ONE, our award-winning platform tightly integrates and unifies three core components:

  • VMware AirWatch unified endpoint management
  • VMware Horizon virtual application delivery
  • Application and access management

Our vision for the digital workspace helps IT finally give employees the work environment they crave:

A consumer simple, enterprise secure way to work on any device and any app—anywhere.

With the unified approach IT needs:

Secure access to any app (native, web and Win32) and simple management for all devices (laptops, desktops, mobile and things).

Today, I am excited to share new Workspace ONE and AirWatch platform advancements that expand the digital workspace for businesses and workers alike.

Let’s dive into the new capabilities.

Unified Endpoint Management Expands Cross-Platform Capabilities

We constantly drive toward delivering a unified endpoint management (UEM) platform for a holistic and user-centric approach to managing all endpoints–mobile, desktop, laptop and the Internet of Things (IoT). Our goal for IT is to:

  • Centrally manage all these endpoints;
  • Simplify the admin experience; and
  • Deliver the automation engines necessary to manage at scale.

Let’s look at four new capabilities that will help extend UEM to all organizations:

1.   Simple & Secure Android for Enterprise

Key Android updates deliver a turnkey end-user experience, while streamlining app and device setup and security. With the updates in Workspace ONE and AirWatch, IT can easily onboard devices into work-managed mode with new deployment methods. We also streamlined application deployment with tighter Google Play integration.

In addition, we’ve simplified things for end users by automating application permissions and configuration and introduced app-level password policies for enhanced security for work apps.

AirWatch Android set up

2.   Expanded Support for Windows 10

VMware’s UEM capabilities help IT effectively manage Windows 10 endpoints to:

  • Maintain compliance with the latest operating system (OS) software patches.
  • Protect data at rest by rendering the data unreadable to unauthorized users.
  • Distribute apps directly from a custom company catalog or silently upon device enrollment.

In the AirWatch 9.1 release, we enable IT with expanded OS update controls, overcoming the challenges associated with off-network patching and the rigidity of Windows Updates as a Service branching model. A new patch compliance dashboard helps IT perform compliance auditing of Windows updates. Further enhancing security, AirWatch 9.1 automatically enables advanced BitLocker configurations, eliminating the need for additional encryption management tools from Microsoft or third parties.

New integration with Windows Store for Business will offer online licensing, making it easier for IT administrators to deploy any Windows Store applications from a customized Workspace ONE company store catalog.

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3.   Support for Upcoming iOS & macOS Releases

We developed updated versions of the AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK), app wrapping engine and productivity applications for the upcoming iOS and macOS software updates. The solution will support and complement the new management and security capabilities expected from Apple.

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4.   On-Device Rules Engine for Purpose-Built Endpoints

The new rules engine for purpose-built devices, also known as rugged devices, enables IT to automate remote actions using rules or conditions set in the AirWatch console. Device conditions like battery, time, adapter, memory and connectivity status are stored on the device, making actions reliable and in real time. We designed this device-based rules engine for specialized industries and use cases, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, oil rigs or hospitals.

Unifying Access Control & Real-Time Security

With the proliferation of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement in businesses, devices accessing corporate resources are often unmanaged by IT. This makes it next to impossible for IT to secure corporate data and deliver a great user experience. More than ever before, IT needs to transform how they think about access control and evolve how they solve for these fundamental shifts in the way people work.

We believe the industry needs to evolve to focus on managing and securing data and apps, controlling access based on a new enterprise-ready access control layer across all apps and devices. In this release, we deliver key innovations that increase security and simplify the management of access control across the organization.

Unified Access Control across Cloud & Intranet Applications

The updated Workspace ONE solution enables a new single control plane across cloud, native and legacy intranet applications. Using the new VMware Unified Access Gateway and a Kerberos delegation feature, end users can access legacy intranet applications using device biometrics and certificates securely stored on the device. This new capability enables access to applications that use Kerberos and HTTP headers.

Access Management with Workspace ONE AirWatch Enhancements


Common Criteria Certification for AirWatch

I’m excited to share that the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) validated the AirWatch solution. Established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Security Agency (NSA), this Common Criteria certification enables organizations and resellers to use AirWatch with the confidence that the solution adheres to strict security guidelines.

Simplified Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Access with Apple Watch Support

MFA access on the Apple Watch enables end users securely authenticate their identity right from their wrist, without using a smartphone or tablet.

Enhancements to Workspace ONE Productivity Apps

With this release also comes enhancements to Workspace ONE productivity apps:

  • VMware Boxer: Support for S/MIME for encrypted mails, email classifications and tighter workflows empower mobile moments to maximize productivity without compromising security.
  • VMware Socialcast: Enhancements further simplify team collaboration on mobile devices and include increased granular reporting capabilities.

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Flexible Workspace ONE Packaging

Webinar Workspace ONE AirWatch March 2017New pricing and packaging simplify the selection, purchase and deployment of Workspace ONE. The new packaging enables organizations at different phases of building their digital workspace and unified endpoint management platform to segment their users and select the appropriate set of capabilities that aligns to their application and security needs.

Stay tuned to the AirWatch Blog for upcoming deep-dive articles on the exciting features and enhancements in our latest release. In the meantime, please:


Workspace ONE and AirWatch 9.1 updates are expected to be generally available this spring.

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