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How This Company Blocks Over 1,000 Mobile Security Threats Every Month

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HomeServe, a home assistance provider, was looking for an integrated mobile security solution to manage both devices and the associated data and keep security executives happy. Since deploying Wandera and VMware AirWatch, HomeServe has identified and blocked more than 1,000 potential mobile security threats every single month.

Read their innovative mobile security case study here.

“Without very strict manual controls in place there was always the risk that users could consume large amounts of data without hitting a cap. It was not possible to control this without a dedicated solution in place.


“AirWatch tells me exactly what I need to know very easily. It’s very intuitive to use, and the information I can get out of it is brilliant.”


—Martin Evans, delivery manager, HomeServe

HomeServe is a leading home assistance provider that helps homeowners with fixing, maintaining and looking after their homes. It delivers a range of services, including plumbing, drainage, electrics, heating and much more, through a network of approved engineers. Established in 1993, the company has grown the UK-based business to become a global operation listed on the FTSE 250 Index, with almost $1 billion in revenues and employing more than 4,500 staff.

“When users travel internationally,, there is sometimes the risk that even with strong processes in pace, people can forget to notify the correct team to ensure that their tariff is provisioned properly. We actually had an example of this for a user that was protected by Wandera. The device was flagged as being out of the country and our international data policy kicked in automatically. This functionality potentially saves us a lot of money,” Evans said.

Now that it has a coordinated mobility infrastructure in place, HomeServe can also allow employees to work from their own personal devices by enrolling them in the AirWatch and Wandera services.

Learn more about HomeServe’s innovative mobile security threats solution by reading the free case study here.

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