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macOS vs. Windows: Who’s the Heavyweight Champ in Top Mobile News?

  • Ashley Speagle By

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It’s macOS vs. Windows.

Mac has close to 100 million active users, Apple revealed to TechCrunch this week. Though sizable, that’s still only a quarter of the estimated Windows 10 user base, as The Verge pointed out. Windows also retains the title of most popular operating system (OS) in terms of internet usage among PCs and laptops, according to new StatCounter research.

However, for the first time, the most popular OS across all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile) is Android, not Windows. This certainly cements the shift to the era of mobile-cloud computing.

Break up with your Windows update management model.

Who needs the pain of traditional Windows update management? Get granular Windows 10 update management, advanced BitLocker management, expanded support for Windows Store for Business and more. In Episode 3 of our new video series, find out what’s new for Windows 10 management with VMware AirWatch 9.1.

Meet your new personal assistant.

Bixby is just one of several features we are especially excited about in the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Check out the rest here, and read about usability and security on the new Galaxy S8 with AirWatch.

This is a first in mobile banking.

ANZ customers will soon be able to conveniently and securely transfer more than $1,000 through the company’s mobile app with voice biometrics. ANZ will be the first Australian bank to do so using sophisticated voice authentication technology that can even tell if the voice is a recording. ZDNet has the news.

+In case you missed it, read how ANZ uses VMware for better mobile banking.

Quote of the Week

In our personal lives, consumer apps are optimized for mobile actions: order a car service, pay a bill, deposit a check or locate a place of interest. But our work apps? Not so much. The enterprise mobile experience must grow beyond content consumption (e.g., email and documents). To capture the value of consumer experiences at work and boost productivity, IT must implement simple, action-oriented workflows, such as one-touch approvals and service tickets.
—Renu Upadhyay, director of product marketing for VMware End-User Computing, on CMSWire

Overheard at Enterprise Connect 2017:

“The biggest inhibitor we have with team collaboration—and we’re piloting it and looking at a few [apps]—is the security. It’s the data loss prevention on my mobile device. I mean right now I could go into my team collaboration app, I could save a file down to this device, and once it’s on this personal device I can do anything I want with it.” No Jitter recaps an important theme at the conference: mobile security.

1,000 mobile security threats a month, blocked.

Since integrating AirWatch with Wandera enterprise mobile security, home assistance provider HomeServe USA has identified and blocked over 1,000 mobile security threats each month. Download the case study.

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Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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