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New Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ at Work: Smart & Secure

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With the new Galaxy S8 device and VMware Workspace ONE, workers can now access all their apps—web, native and virtual—from one secure digital workspace.

Last week, Samsung announced their latest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S8. This new device comes packed with features that will delight both consumers and the enterprise.

Here are some features we are especially excited about:

  • Iris scanning and face recognition technology available to unlock your phone. This provides a simple and effective way to keep all your data safe.
  • The world’s first 10nm processor. This fast and powerful processor lets you use your phone at your speed and increases battery efficiency.
  • Your new personal assistant, Bixby. Bixby provides another level of intelligence to your phone and understands multiple forms of communication, including voice, touch, vision and text.  Why search for something when Bixby can do it for you?
  • Samsung DeX. This new feature provides a desktop-like experiences for Android and Windows apps, all powered by your phone. To make working on your phone even easier, you can plug it into peripherals, like a keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Usability & Security On the New Galaxy S8 with VMware AirWatch

S8_Workspace ONEWith all this new technology, end users want and expect to be able to use their latest smartphone for work purposes. The VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon integration give your users access to all the apps—web, native, and virtual—they use to be the most productive from one digital workspace. Users can see all their work apps from a unified location and get to work with a seamless experience on their new Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S8 comes with the defense-grade security of Samsung Knox, which helps keep your important corporate data safe. If your organization wants additional protection of enterprise data, the Knox Workspace can be deployed through AirWatch, providing a hardware-rooted trusted environment. For personal devices or corporate-owned, personally enabled devices, the Knox Workspace creates a separate container for work apps. In this containerized environment, users’ work and personal data do not interact. For corporate-owned and managed devices, the Knox Workspace can be locked into container-only mode, with no personal side of the device and multi-layered security.

S8_Samsung Knox Workspace_dualWe’re looking forward to seeing these devices in action when they are available on April 21.

To learn more about the powerful capabilities of Samsung Knox with AirWatch, please visit

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