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Bring Android to Work with the Latest Enhancements

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We’ve received lots of feedback since VMware AirWatch announced support for Android in the enterprise (formerly called Android for Work) in early 2015. Administrators love the ability to standardize management across any Android device. End users love the separation between work and personal apps.

We wanted to address what early adopters reported so every customer can have the best experience available for an Android device in the enterprise. To achieve this, we worked closely with Google to implement new features for work profile and work managed device solutions.

With the latest capabilities of our last few monthly releases, including AirWatch 9.1, it has never been easier to deploy Android in your organization.

Increase Mobile Adoption & Simplify Device Onboarding

Set up in less time than it takes to make coffee!

It has never been easier to set up AirWatch to deploy Android. AirWatch does all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. All you need is a Gmail account to act as the administrator and a minute of your time to integrate AirWatch with Android.


The end-user onboarding experience is also simplified. Users authenticate just once to create the work profile. Then, they have access to all the apps and policies they need to get the job done.

Deploying work managed devices? Take advantage of the latest ways to provision them.

Do you need complete management over devices? Do your devices not support near-field communication (NFC)? AirWatch now supports two additional methods of enrollment for work managed devices.

For devices running Android 6.0+, just have your end user type in afw#airwatch when prompted to enter a Google account during device setup. The AirWatch Agent will then download and launch, prompting your end users to authenticate by entering their email address, username and password. By making onboarding part of the device setup wizard, end users or IT can easily onboard work managed devices.

afw#airwatch setup

For devices running Android 7.0+, tap the welcome screen six times during device setup. This enables users to scan a QR code that: a) downloads the AirWatch Agent and b) configures the Agent to automatically onboard the device into AirWatch.

Edited_QR Setup

Give Users Secure & Simple Access to Work Apps

Simplify app management with Google Play integration.

You can now search and approve apps on Google Play from the AirWatch Console—eliminating the need to navigate to two different places. Your end users will now be able to use Google Play on their device to access their work applications, providing a familiar experience.


Create passcode policies for any app on the Play Store (no SDKs needed!).

It is now possible to set up a separate passcode for work apps—further separating work from personal on the device. This is ideal in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios where you may not want to enforce a complex device passcode (but still want security as a top priority). Your end users don’t have to enter a complicated password when they want to unlock the device to use their personal Twitter, but will be asked to do so when they launch a work app.


Learn more about our Android management solution here.

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Bhavesh Kumar

Bhavesh Kumar is the Senior Product Manager for Android Enterprise and ChromeOS at VMware AirWatch.

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