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5 Reasons to Embrace iOS in Business

  • Claire Feeney By

iOS touches the networks of 99% of Fortune 500 companies, according to Apple, and businesses can now find more than 230,000 enterprise apps for iOS.

Those figures aren’t just a result of Apple’s popularity with users. Apple’s strategic programs ensure the mobile operating system meets IT’s expectations, too:

  • IT organizations can more easily deploy and manage a fleet of iOS devices via the Device Enrollment Program(DEP).
  •  The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) simplifies bulk app purchasing and distribution across organizations.
  • Apple helps accelerate adoption of iOS devices in the enterprise by working with software developers, integrators, consultants and more in the Mobility Partner Program.

In fact, Frank Gillett, vice president and principal analyst for Forrester, told The New York Times last year:

“Apple is stronger in the enterprise market with its devices than it is with consumers.”

Hear some of our own customers’ success stories, and learn five reasons to embrace #iOSinbusiness.

1. Mobile Security

Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District uses VMware AirWatch to manage a fleet of iPads and iPhones that field and office workers use to do business.

“Our fleet goes out in the field, and uses some strong encryption to the devices. We’ve actually chosen to use iPads because they’re easy. What they’re doing is they’re actually coming back to our facilities, encrypted, and then working through our [VMware] Horizon RDSH, using that piece to allow us to keep the data onsite in our facilities.”
—Terry Chatman, Information Systems Specialist, Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District

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2. Business Agility

Lufthansa Cargo decided to move to an iPad-based electronic flight bag (EFB) to gain quicker and more effective access to information, and enable greater flexibility in how data is used.

“Since implementing AirWatch and the use of iPads, our operating costs have reduced significantly, and we were also able to reduce lengthy approval cycles with the aviation authorities. This enables our teams to adopt trends quicker.”
— Oliver Grychta, Team Lead for Flight Operations Support and Crew Control, Lufthansa Cargo

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3. Work Productivity

VITAS Healthcare deployed more than 2,200 mobile devices, a mix of corporate-owned iPhones and iPads, to a range of employees, including physicians, chaplains, nurses, community liaisons and admissions liaisons.

“Our nurses in the ­field love this new technology. On top of being able to get them away from a labor intensive paper process, this is the ­first time they are able to get live patient data at their fi­ngertips.”
—Israel Perez-Siam, IT Business Process Improvement Center Operations Manager, VITAS

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4. Business Innovation

Essilor France deployed 100 iPads, equipped with appropriate apps, to Essilor’s sales team prior to a global tradeshow.

“Innovation is in our DNA, and it is central to all of our product communications. We decided to deploy iPads to our salesforce to empower our employees with an innovative technology tool.”
—Eric Aumaitre, General Manager, Essilor Overseas Caribbean

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5. Simplicity & Scalability

United Bank is incorporating Apple DEP into its mobility strategy, which will simplify large-scale device deployment, and using Apple VPP to distribute applications securely to bank employees.

 “AirWatch is the leading mobile device management solution supporting Apple. All the mobility features that Apple provides, AirWatch supports.”
—Willem Bagchus, United Bank

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Want to bring iOS to your business? Explore ways to implement Apple in the enterprise today.

Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney is a senior product marketing manager at VMware focused on mobility.

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