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9 New VMware AirWatch Code Samples for Windows 10 Management

  • Ashley Speagle By

VMware {code} is a growing community of cloud- and mobile-minded developers. It’s also a hub for finding software development kits (SDKs), certification kits, forums, tools and sample code and documentation.

This includes the VMware Sample Exchange, where the VMware community requests and contributes code samples. Community members already contributed more than 700 code samples for VMware SDKs, platforms and tools.

From here, developers find samples supporting the VMware AirWatch unified endpoint management (UEM) platform. For example, the popular sample to execute an AirWatch REST API call (downloaded nearly 800 times) helps developers better understand the script or build their own.

Thanks to Josué Negrón, our senior technical marketing architect, nine new code samples supporting VMware AirWatch and Windows 10 are available for developers to download or embed:

  • Deploy Microsoft Office Configuration Service Provider (CSP): Deploy Office CSP (added in the Windows 10 Creators Update, version 1703) to install the Office client on a device via the Office Deployment Tool.
  • How to Import and Export Group Policy: Export and import group policy configurations from devices into AirWatch to push out to managed devices using AirWatch product provisioning.
  • Microsoft Surface Hub Configurations: Apply configurations to Surface Hub devices for Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Device Management (DM) via AirWatch.
  • Network Proxy Samples: Apply a machine-wide network proxy on a Windows 10 desktop for versions 1703 and above using a proxy auto-config (PAC) script URL.
  • Modify Start Menu Layout: Customized the Start menu Layout of a device for a uniform look and feel for corporate devices with the CSP for Start layouts.
  • Enable Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Kiosk Mode: Enable single app kiosk mode on Windows 10 devices for UWP apps with the AssignedAccess CSP.
  • Enable Embedded Shell Launcher: Lock down a Windows 10 device into kiosk mode using a Win32 application (desktop app).
  • Disable Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN): Limit data overages from the mobile broadband card and force devices to use the local area network (LAN) or Wi-Fi networks as much as possible.
  • Change and Revert Desktop Wallpaper: Update desktop wallpaper to the image named “LaptopWallpaper.png,” and for un-enrolled devices, revert the wallpaper to “LaptopWallpaperRemove.png.”

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Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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