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Android Oreo Is Here!

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Android 8.0 Oreo launched today, powered by the solar eclipse and bringing the world’s favorite cookie into the Android ecosystem. We are excited for the enhancements it brings to both consumers and enterprises to bring more intelligence and power into the hands of its users.

We’ve collaborated closely with Google over the years to address enterprise mobility requirements on Android devices. From smartphones and tablets to wearables and rugged devices, Android plus unified endpoint management (UEM) technology works together to secure and equip devices with the apps and resources users need to be successful.

At VMware AirWatch, we are committed to keeping up with the fast pace of technology and bringing Android to work by enhancing the admin and end-user experience. We are working to support these latest features so we can continue to enable Android devices in the enterprise.


Here are a few Android Oreo features for enterprises we’d like to highlight in case you missed it.

Work Profile on Work Managed Devices

One great feature that sets Android in the enterprise apart is the free, easy-to-implement, built-in functionality that separates work and personal data. Today, we support Android’s work profile for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) deployments and work managed devices for corporate-owned devices. We also have some pretty exciting purpose-built solutions in our funnel. (Add session #UEM2219BU to your VMworld U.S. schedule to learn more.)

With Android Oreo comes the introduction of “work profiles on fully managed devices,” which will allow employees to use personal apps on their corporate-owned phones. By having this work profile for their personal apps, everything personal on the device will stay separate and private from the corporate apps and data.

More Security

More security is always something welcome in the UEM community. The rapid adoption of apps and mobile devices has introduced security challenges into the enterprise that Google is working hard to squash. A few new security features that we think will be game changers include:

  • Improving data at rest protection,
  • Advancing forensics and encryption and
  • Adding more controls around the work security challenge.

Faster Profile Setup & Provisioning Flow

Having a quick and intuitive onboarding process is vital to the adoption of UEM. The work that Google has done to speed up the work profile creation process and to update the terms of agreement page will help users to better understand what is going onto their devices.

Android Oreo is first being rolled out to Pixel and Nexus devices. Various carriers and device manufacturers will push updates over the next few weeks and months.

To learn more about what VMware and Google have accomplished together to enable Android users, join our VMworld breakout session, and stop by Google booth 706.

VMworld 2017 Breakout Session:
“The Latest on Android & Chrome OS in the Enterprise”
Add #UEM2217BU to your VMworld U.S. schedule.EUC at VMworld

AirWatch customers, be sure to check out myAirWatch for updates from AirWatch on support for Android Oreo.

Kristen Foss

Kristen Foss

Kristen Foss is a product marketing manager for VMware End-User Computing, specializing in Android and Chrome OS management.

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