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Announcing Intelligent Actions & Notifications: VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Flows

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A major component in advancing toward a digital workspace is mobile apps. Companies that successfully take advantage of mobility are deploying more apps than ever before.

However, many deployed apps are not being adopted by users or providing ROI to justify ongoing investment. Meanwhile, employees continue to demand mobile apps that allow them to take care of immediate and important tasks on the go.

The Problem: App Silos

Today, employees use apps in silos (i.e. one app at a time). Unlike actual work, the average mobile app only accesses one backend system at a time.

“62% of employees delay tasks that require logging into multiple systems.”
Forrester & Sapho

To increase mobile productivity and app adoption, IT needs to enable a well-thought-out workflow. The workflow needs to be tailored to what the employee is trying to accomplish on their mobile device, while providing connectivity into the multiple systems that need to be accessed. This workflow also needs to be simple and secure.

Creating these workflows isn’t easy. Work typically spans across multiple systems.

“The average enterprise has around 750 software applications housing information and processes that keep the business moving. Yet none of the systems are ubiquitous; the complexity behind these systems is astounding.”

To make it even more complex, security typically is not tied to user identity and is implemented in silos. Because of this, connecting multiple backend systems is difficult at best, as each app can have different authentication schemes and security requirements that do not account for user identity and device posture. This hinders an organization’s ability to quickly and efficiently provide purpose-driven mobile apps at a pace the business demands.

The Solution: Mobile Flows

Today, we launch a tech preview of another important service as part of the VMware Workspace ONE platform. We call it Workspace ONE mobile flows service.

App developers can now derive context within their apps and surface intelligent actions and notifications across many backend business systems through preconfigured or custom-developed services with less than 250 lines of code. Enterprises will be able to add their own connectors using our open-source developer kit on GitHub.

We are also announcing a partnership with Dell Boomi, an industry-leading Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) solution. Developers can take advantage of over 250 out-of-the-box connectors and an ecosystem of partners for rapid application and workflow orchestration—including integrations with Capriza, PowWow Mobile, SkyGiraffe and Sapho—to easily build secure apps with contextual mobile flows across both modern and legacy, mission-critical business systems.

“People run their lives from their phone. Productivity in the enterprise must evolve to be the same.”
—Boaz Hecht, CEO at SkyGiraffe

Customers interested in testing Workspace ONE mobile flows are encouraged to fill out our beta form.


Kelly Masters

Kelly Masters

Kelly Masters is a product marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.

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