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Industry-First: Unified User Experience, Management & Security for All Endpoints

  • Renu Upadhyay By

At VMworld this week, we announced the industry’s first unified end-user experience, management and security solution for all endpoint platforms with innovations to VMware Workspace ONE, powered by VMware AirWatch.

As the digital workspace evolves, we’re building on our vision of a consumer-simple, enterprise-secure way to work on any device, with any application. Our announcements include:

  • Unified endpoint management (UEM) technology that simplifies IT and employee experiences.
  • New Workspace ONE Intelligence that powers insights, planning and automation for the digital workspace.
  • A dynamic, new approach to managing Windows apps and desktops.

Let’s take a closer look.

Unified Endpoint Management

Today’s modern worker uses multiple form factors every day, from mobile devices and PCs to purpose-built devices and even wearables. Plus, the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to emerge. As these form factors evolve, so does our UEM technology to unify modern management and security.

Unified Onboarding Experience with Workspace ONE

We are drastically simplifying the user and IT experience by delivering the Workspace ONE experience to Android, iOS, Windows 10 and, now, macOS (tech preview). To make it even easier for end users to onboard quickly and easily, the Workspace ONE app acts as an end-user facing onboarding app for managed devices (in place of the AirWatch Agent some of our readers are familiar with). By continuing to offer a more streamlined experience for end users, we are driving adoption and enabling more secure workforces—without creating a burden for end users.

Single Console for Mobility & Identity Management

Single Console for UEM and Identity

And for IT, we’ve added VMware Identity Manager configurations in the AirWatch console, for one place to manage devices, context and identity. We’ve also streamlined mobile single sign-on (SSO) configuration and greatly simplified Microsoft Office 365 deployment and security with Graph API support, eliminating the need to go to multiple consoles. Admins can also require enrollment through the Workspace ONE app for specified groups, the whole organization or certain operating system (OS) platforms.

Simplified Office 365 Deployment & Security

Many of our customers need to adopt Office 365 in their organizations, but are faced with complicated provisioning processes, security challenges and lack of a consistent user experiences across various platforms. The latest release of the Workspace ONE unified admin console offers one place to manage all Office 365 configurations and rollouts (e.g. federation, access, mobile SSO, conditional access policies).

This release also includes the capability to enforce and mange security policies and data loss prevention (DLP) for Office 365. This capability is in beta, pending general availability of the Microsoft Graph API.

Market-Leading PC Management Across All Major Platforms


Recently, we announced that VMware is the first UEM to support Chrome OS device management. That makes VMware the only UEM with support for macOS, Windows 10 and Chrome OS.

  • For macOS, we’ve added new onboarding and software management capabilities and more to help enable out-of-the-box setups and instant productivity.
  • For Windows 10, auto enrollment for Dell devices, new use cases for hands-free management of Dell BIOS, peer distribution of software and more help reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • For Chrome OS, we’re introducing auto-update management, DLP configuration and remote actions.

Click here for more information on our support for Chrome OS, and look out for deep dives into Windows 10 and macOS on the AirWatch Blog.

Expanded Purpose-Built & Rugged Device Capabilities

In order to streamline management and app distribution for purpose-built, rugged devices, Google and VMware jointly enable Android Enterprise for Zebra Technologies mobile computers and barcode scanners. Support for Android Enterprise on Zebra devices will give IT unparalleled security features, such as the ability to lock down devices and silently install apps and push updates.

VMware has also partnered with Infinite Peripherals (IPC), which manufactures iOS peripherals specifically designed for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Organizations will now be able to manage any IPC peripheral alongside their current mobile and laptop deployments.

Workspace ONE Intelligence


Data overload, silo-ed visibility, time spent on planning and manual processes: These are the negative impacts on IT operations that a diverse digital workspace environment can create. And while there are lots of existing tools to help, they fall short. With different tools for things like asset tracking or corporate compliance, different sources of truths can be established, and the time between assessments and change can be lengthy—introducing risks.

With Workspace ONE Intelligence, we’re introducing three key capabilities:

  • Insights: Get complete visibility into your digital workspace and gain deep insights that enable data-driven decisions across your entire environment.
  • Planning: Optimize your app and policy deployments based on network performance, resource entitlement and deployment risk.
  • Automation: Automate processes to increase the level of security hygiene across your environment, meet compliance requirements and improve user experience.

Workspace ONE Intelligence is a new add-on service to Workspace ONE that will deliver comprehensive insights and automated actions to help accelerate planning, enhance security and improve experiences. Insights into application deployments, usage, device security and end-user experience will help IT understand the performance and security of their digital workspace environments. In addition, a built-in rules engine empowers customers with automated actions, which enable real-time security and performance optimization unavailable in legacy models.

Windows Apps & Desktop Management

Workspace ONE transitions traditional Windows into a cloud service for the digital workspace with VMware Horizon. Integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation and Dell EMC VDI Complete with Horizon Apps, Horizon 7 makes infrastructure invisible, integrating compute, storage, networking and infrastructure management together. This eliminates the need for deep planning and operational visibility for infrastructure components.

Together with VMware Horizon Cloud, customers now have options for invisible infrastructure for on-premises or cloud. Furthermore, management of Windows desktops and applications can be automated with the VMware Just-in-Time Management Platform (JMP). A technology preview that integrates JMP platform technologies (VMware Instant Clone Technology, VMware App Volumes and VMware User Environment Manager) into a single console will further simplify management. Read more in our Horizon deep dive.



Renu Upadhyay

Renu Upadhyay

Renu Upadhyay is director of product marketing for VMware End-User Computing (EUC).

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