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VMware AirWatch Day Zero Support for Android Zero-Touch Enrollment

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Announcing same-day AirWatch support for Android zero touch enrollment to simplify provisioning of corporate-owned devices.

Today, Google announced zero-touch enrollment for Android devices. Our VMware AirWatch unified endpoint management team is excited to announce same-day support for Android zero-touch enrollment.

Earlier in the year, Google added a few alternative ways to provision work managed devices with an identifier (afw#airwatch) and QR code in addition to NFC bump. This latest method is another example of the flexibility that comes along with Android.

When deciding to deploy corporate-liable devices, it’s important to consider how exactly these will be deployed. You want to avoid creating a manual process for IT without putting that same burden on the end user. With the latest zero-touch enrollment capability, work managed devices can be provisioned just by turning them on out of the box, enabling instant security and access to business apps and resources.

Streamlined Processes for IT & End Users on Android Devices

Android_Zero_Touch_Enrollment_PixelAndroid zero-touch enrollment with AirWatch creates the best possible experience for both IT and end users. By completely removing manual processes, devices can be setup quickly and help alleviate help desk requests. IT setup is simple, and your preferred zero-touch supporting carrier will help to get the Google zero-touch portal populated with your devices. From there, you can add enrollment configuration for these devices so enrollment is initiated during device setup.

After turning on the device, the enrollment process automatically kicks off. AirWatch Agent installs once connected to the internet. When enrollment completes, apps and policies deployed from the AirWatch Console automatically push to the device, making it ready for use.

Security Throughout the Device Lifecycle

Android devices ship secure with multiple layers of protection, including checking device integrity and scanning for potentially malicious apps. By enrolling a work-managed device, more security measures can be put in place through AirWatch unified endpoint management.

Android_Work-Managed_PixelWork-managed devices are meant for corporate use, with no personal apps or data on the device. This gives administrators more visibility over the entire device and allows for more granular management capabilities, such as preventing use of the camera and preventing adding unauthorized users.

With zero-touch enrollment, admins can rest assured that even if the device is factory reset, it automatically re-enrolls and provisions with the right security policies.

To get started, you’ll need version 9.1 or higher of the AirWatch Console and a compatible device. Initially, Sony’s Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact, Huawei Mate 10 and Pixel by Google support zero-touch enrollment with more devices to follow. Devices will need to be purchased from select carriers to get the zero-touch capabilities. For the latest information on supported devices and carriers, visit Google’s zero-touch page.

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Kristen Foss

Kristen Foss is a product marketing manager for VMware End-User Computing, specializing in Android and Chrome OS management.

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