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It’s Finally Here! VMware AirWatch Supports iOS 11

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VMware AirWatch unified endpoint management customers can find custom profiles to support new Apple iOS 11 features on myAirWatch. Look out for AirWatch console updates in an upcoming release.

New iOS 11 Features Supported by AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management

ios_11_ipad_iphoneAirWatch supports iOS 11 features and new capabilities, focusing specifically on supervised devices.

Enable/Disable Manual VPN creation (supervised only) enables admins to prevent users from creating their own VPN configurations. If users introduce their own VPN on a managed device, it can break down access to enterprise systems and mess with the device configuration. The new feature prevents users from taking matters into their own hands, enabling enterprises to protect their users and give them secure access to corporate resources.

Enable/Disable System App Removal (supervised only) enables admins to prevent users from removing system applications from the device.

For AirPrint, AirWatch supports several new features supported, including:

  • Enable/Disable AirPrint (supervised only): Enables admins to prevent AirPrint.
  • Enable/Disable AirPrint credentials storage in keychain (supervised only): Enables admins to disable keychain storage of username and password for AirPrint.
  • Enforce trusted TLS certificate for AirPrint (supervised only): Admins can require trusted certificates for TLS printing communication.
  • Enable/Disable AirPrint iBeacon discovery (supervised only): Enables admins to disable iBeacon discovery of AirPrint printers. This helps prevents spurious AirPrint Bluetooth beacons from phishing for network traffic.

With iOS and Apple Classroom 2.0, AirWatch now supports:

  • Enable/disable unprompted app and device lock for unmanaged classes (supervised only).
  • Enable/disable automatic joining of unmanaged classes (supervised only).
  • Enable/disable screen observation in unmanaged classes (supervised only).

The custom XML profiles and commands are available here in myAirWatch.

Important Things to Know about iOS 11

New Features

Check out the myAirWatch article to learn more about how AirWatch handles other updates to iOS 11, including location manager, drag and drop, the new File application and Safari view controller updates.


Our applications are compatible with iOS 11, including:

Security Enhancements for Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Although not a feature of iOS 11, we were excited to hear that App Transport Security (ATS) will be a requirement in 2018. ATS is a must for secure communications, and AirWatch is already compliant with the new requirement ahead of next year.

AirWatch SDK Update

There are no compatibility issues for our software development kit (SDK).  However, if you plan to develop apps using Xcode 9 once it is released, you will need to update to a new version of the SDK (coming soon). Make sure you subscribe to our Knowledge Base (KB) article to receive updates.

Still to Come from AirWatch Support for  Apple iOS 11 & macOS High Sierra

In our next blog, we will take a closer look at AirWatch support for iOS 11. We’re also looking forward to macOS High Sierra on Sept. 25. Stay tuned to the AirWatch Blog and myAirWatch for more details.

Learn more about AirWatch and iOS management here.

Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney

Claire Feeney is a senior product marketing manager at VMware focused on mobility.

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